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Ryan Smart was born seeing the world a little bit differently than most people. This started from birth, being naturally tuned creatively by generations of artists and engineers in his family.  His family is comprised of professional creatives and even a legendary sign maker from Tulsa (his grandfather, Rex Sikkink) who left his physical mark on Tulsa starting in the 1950's. 


Everything, through Ryan's eye, is faceted slightly different than what is considered our "common reality".  This enables Ryan to view and approach his photography and design projects with a lens unique to him. 

While Ryan is professionally schooled in photography, he is also a skilled painter, designer and inventor, working in mixed media for a variety of clients who have a creative expression need.


To Ryan, his various talents are not a hobbies, but also not a job - it is an extension and expression of himself... an invitation to look through his lens at the way he sees things. 

Ryan Smart

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